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Currently Smoking Cigar of The Month: Partagas Ramon y Ramon

Partaga Ramon y Ramon

The Partagas brand is famous for its excellence, consistency, and richness of flavor. Ramon Cifuentes and his father before him taught these traits in all of the people who made the Partagas cigars. Ramon started making Partagas cigars in the Dominican Republic and trained his successor Daniel Nunez to make only the best for Partagas cigars. The latest addition to the line that boasts "the richest cigar in the world" is Partagas cigars.

The Partagas Ramon y Ramon brand grows well in the humid subtropical climate of San Agustin Valley, and due to the uniqueness of the soil in the San Agustin Valley, the wrapper gives a spicy taste with traces of cinnamon that burns white, leaving a beautiful ash.

The Partagas Ramon y Ramon originally released in 2003 and known for its signature taste and model constructions. It produces a delicious smoking experience as it's flavored with spicy and savory notes. Thus, explains its popularity among cigar aficionados who's looking for full taste craftsmanship.

The Partagas Ramon y Ramon has Connecticut Broadleaf binder with a blend of Dominican, Mexican, and Honduran tobaccos combine to create this medium to full-bodied cigar a requisite for cigar aficionados. A unique taste made in the Partagas tradition.

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