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Decembers Currently Smoking Cigar: Leaf by Oscar Maduro “The Leaf goes dark”

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard more calls for us to carry a brand than the droves of CI Nation demanding Leaf by Oscar. Originally starting in Pittsburgh, PA, the Leaf by Oscar has swept the nation, delivering their four boutique brands to cigar enthusiasts everywhere. And I’ll be honest, when they landed here we conducted a little scientific “taste-test” across the line, and they all fit easily under the “win” column.

The fullest-bodied of the four offerings, this Maduro is a gorgeous specimen. And before you peek at our picture and wonder what the hell I’m talking about, remember that you’re supposed to remove that outer leaf before lighting up. Underneath, you’ll find a slick, dark cigar, glistening with oils. Each sample I scarfed down gave off a thick, honey-like sweetness, with notes of chocolate and black pepper in the mix. It’s a most satisfying combination, especially with a bourbon in the other hand, and I’d recommend you give it a shot today.

When you first see the Leaf by Oscar cigar, you’ll say “What the…?” and then look around to see if someone’s messing with you. They’re not.

Look, we know the cigar isn’t going to win any beauty contests…until you take off that protective outer leaf, unwrapping it like a gift you didn’t think you wanted.

Trust us–you’ll want this.

Under that Leaf by Oscar leaf, you’ll find a perfectly-rolled cigar with a lusciously oily wrapper. Look closely and you’ll be hard-pressed to find many veins. Take a glance at the foot—tightly (but not too tightly as you’ll see when you light up) and perfectly constructed Honduran long filler ready to surprise you again with rich flavor. Wahoo!

Profile: Medium - Bold Shapes: Gordo, Lancero, Robusto, Toro Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa Origin: Honduras Flavored: None Pressed: None Has Tip: None Binder: Honduran Filler: Honduran

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