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Cigar 101: Notes for Your Cigar Guide

Here are some quick notes to jot down for your cigar guide, in case you were wondering what a perfecto was or the what the names of the different sizes were.

Popular Cigar Sizes

  • Churchill 7” x 47-50

  • Robusto 5” x 50

  • Presidente 8” x 50

  • Toro 6” x 50

  • Double Corona 8” x 29

Popular Cigar Sizes

Types of Cigar Wrappers The shades of a cigar wrapper can tell you a lot about what a cigar will taste like. The myth says that the darker it gets, the stronger it tastes. However, that is not true every time. So, here are the different types of cigar wrappers and how it portrays your cigar’s taste.​

Candela or Double Claro Wrapper - It has the recognizable pale green tint, and have a very fresh leafy aroma. Candela or Double Claro wrappers has tasting notes that typically include grass, cedar, and pepper with a little bit of sweetness. - Light tan colored wrapper which produces a smooth, clean, and neutral flavor.

Claro Wrapper - Darker brown in color and provides mild flavor.Colorado Claro Wrapper - Has a reddish brown tint which provides a medium to a dominant taste.Colorado

Natural Cigar Wrapper - Medium Dark Color with Spicy profiles. Derived from Cuban SeedCorojo

Cameroon Cigar Wrapper - dark brown in color and has flavor notes of dark chocolate, coffee, brown sugar, caramel, molasses, black pepper, dried fruit, black cherry, and sometimes a boozy taste, depending on how they are aged and filler.

Maduro Cigar Wrapper - Sometimes known as Double Maduro and has a black tint. It has deeper sweetness and often a stronger, richer flavor.Oscuro Cigar Wrapper - It has somewhat delicate wrappers, not very oily, tends to be very delicious tasting while remaining smooth and manageable. Tasting notes include butter, black pepper, leather, and toast.

Types of Cigar Wrappers

Cigar Shapes and Sizes The shapes and sizes of a cigar have significant implications. The size of the cigar indicates the length of smoke time while the forms determine the burning properties. There are two kinds of cigar shapes: Parejo (straight edged) and Figurado (irregular shaped).

  • Parejo is the most familiar form of cigars: straight, smooth, with a perfect rounded end.

  • Figurados, on the other hand, come in many appearances. Ranging from:

  • Torpedo (pointed head with a bulge in the middle);

  • Perfecto (rounded head and usually bulge in the middle);

  • Pyramid (sharply tapered cigar with a broad, open foot and a closed head); ​

  • Culebras (three short, thin cigars braided and banded together).

Feel free to ask questions and make a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! Want to learn more tips, tricks & ideas? Visit us at the Tobacco Pouch at 61st & Yale in the Kingspointe Village; we're eager to lend a helping hand!

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