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How Do You Light & Smoke A Cigar?

Not everybody is a cigar expert and for most amateurs lighting up a cigar is a bewildering process. However, some beginners find it easy breezy. Cigar smokers tend to follow implied norms and custom when smoking to help seem to know how; I have collectively put this guide on how to light and smoke a cigar like a pro. Follow these rules, and you will not start out as a rookie. Moreover, you’ll have a better smoking experience.

Choosing Your Cigar We recommend reading first the Notes for Your Cigar blog on The Tobacco Pouch website. It will give you ideas on what to expect from a cigar and what type you might enjoy. Alternatively, if you are in a cigar shop, first, find a shape and size you are comfortable smoking. The cigar comes in different shapes and sizes.

Next, the important thing - flavor, remove the outer wrapping of the cigar (make sure you ask consent!) bring the cigar close to your nose without touching and take a deep subtle inhale. If the cigar smell is pleasing to you, chances are its taste will be too. If you are still not sure what to choose, you may ask the tobacconist for help. He/she will ask you certain questions to help you decide which Cigar will suit you best.

How to choose a cigar

Cutting Your Cigar A bad cut will rubble your cigar. The best way to do it is with a quality cigar cutter. Clip the end off with a quick and vigorous movement; this will help you avoid tearing the cigar wrappers and sequentially lead to a satisfying smoking experience.

How to cut a cigar

Lighting Your Cigar Read How to Light a Cigar to know how to light your cigar and what lighter to use.

Smoking Your Cigar Once the tip is completely glowing, place the cigar in your mouth, and puff smoothly. Do not inhale the smoke otherwise you’ll choke and have a tough time keeping your balance. Here's the secret on puffing: assume you’re sucking something through a straw. Just saturate your mouth up with smoke and blow it out. Do this till your cigar displays thick white smoke. After that, you may relax. Remember, cigar smoke is never to be inhaled. The smoke is sipped then gently blown out (exhaled), leaving all the taste on your palate.

"Ash-ing" Your Cigar As you puff, your cigar will start to generate a head of ash on the cap. You do not need to tap this off like you would with a cigarette. Consider to leave it there for a while. A long ash is a sign of a quality cigar — but don’t let it get super long either. Too much ash on end can block airflow, which causes the tobacco burn unevenly, and also influences the flavor. Try not to let it get longer than an inch or so, and when you tap it, don’t hit it off as you would with a cigarette — gently roll it on the ashtray until it breaks off.

Feel free to ask questions and make a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! Want to learn more tips, tricks & ideas? Visit us at the Tobacco Pouch at 61st & Yale in the Kingspointe Village; we're eager to lend a helping hand!

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