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McClelland Craftsbury Collection - Grey Havens

Grey Havens may be one of the most unique pipe tobaccos available. It has elements that are reminiscent of some lightly aromatic Danish mixtures - some bright Virginia, smooth Burley and black Cavendish, with a subtle top note. What really sets this blend apart is the inclusion of Perique, which brings a deep fruitiness into the mix while adding a hint of spice.

Tobacco: Burley, Perique, Virginia

Style: Non-Aromatic

Room Note: 2 - Mellow

Cut: Loose Cut

Packaging: Tin

Country of Origin: United States

Flavor Intensity: 1 - Low

Whether you’re the first-time pipe tobacco smoker or a pipe smoking tobacconist, we’ll carry everything you need to enjoy the best pipe smoking experience possible. So stop by, visit the shop, and explore what we have in stock! Here a few of our newest tobacco pipes, enjoy and see you soon!

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