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McClelland Frog Morton

Frog Morton is one of McClelland’s most popular Latakia-based blends, and its singular composition sets it apart from the competition. Named for the works of JRR Tolkien, Frog Morton is a village in the Eastfarthing of the shire, and at its heart, the star of the show is dark, rich, and smoky Cyprian Latakia. The Frog Morton tobacco blend also stays away from the usual addition of Orientals and is completed simply with McClelland’s fine Virginias, but what makes Frog Morton pipe tobacco so different is a subtle, but complementary top note that ties everything together harmoniously. This unique blend took four years to perfect, and is designed to smoke in quiet serenity; this tobacco is well worth a try.

Profile: Medium

Tobacco: Latakia, Virginia

Style: English

Room Note: 2 - Mellow

Cut: Loose Cut

Country of Origin: United States

Flavor Intensity: 2 - Mellow

Whether you’re the first-time pipe tobacco smoker or a pipe smoking tobacconist, we’ll carry everything you need to enjoy the best pipe smoking experience possible. So stop by, visit the shop, and explore what we have in stock! Here a few of our newest tobacco pipes, enjoy and see you soon!

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