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3 Properties of A Cigar

Every cigar has three parts; wrapper, binder, and a filler. The combination of these three determines the flavor of your cigar.

Wrapper: It’s the outside layer of the cigar, and it also provides the majority of the flavors. The wrapper makes the most important part of the cigar. Wrappers are usually made from high-quality leaves and mostly available in different colors.

Binder: Are the tobacco leaves found in the immediate part of the cigar used to hold a bunch of filler leaves together. The Binder varies from different manufacturers but it binder serves two purposes; first, to provide the wrapper a smooth adhering service and secondly for combustibility purposes – to ensure that the cigar burns well.

Filler: These are the tobacco leaves found at the center of your cigar. Normally, the filler is liable for most of the cigar flavors. The leaves that are used as fillers commonly comes from the top of tobacco plant called "Ligero." There are two types of fillers; long fillers and short fillers. Premium cigars have long fillers. The whole leaf of tobacco is used as fillers, whereas short fillers are comprised of scraps of tobacco leaves often from the trimmed long fillers. Most short fillers are machine made are not the premium quality you're worth having.

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