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7 Things You Will Not See A Cigar Aficionado Do

Cigar smoking involves some rituals, and just like any other rituals there are dos and dont's. As a cigar hobbyist, here are the seven things you won’t see them do.

1. Expecting two cigars to have the same taste. Every cigar is crafted uniquely and precisely. They have small variations from one to the other. So don’t expect two cigars to have the same taste or quality of smoke. Instead, enjoy its slight variations, and you’ll be surprised how it brings adventure to your palate.

2. Expecting a cigar’s flavor will change over the years like wine. Unlike wine, cigar manufacturers ensure that their tobacco blends taste will remain the same from year to year. Although, the cigar's taste model will slowly change over time. Herklots mentions that this change in flavor is negligible in the short term.

3. "Parking" the cigar in your mouth for an overly extended time. Your cigar is not a pacifier to suck on. It should be held with your hand, brought up to your mouth to enjoy and then back down to hang out with your fingers.

4. Dipping the cigar in your drink. The World Renowned Tabaquero, Hamlet Paredes, said this during his visit at The Tobacco Pouch. Dipping your cigar in scotch, cognac, or any drink will do no good to your cigar. It will ruin the taste of the cigar, thus making it different from what the manufacturer intended to cigar to taste.

5. Limiting yourself to just one brand of cigar. Treat your taste buds, explore other brands of cigars. Sure you have one preferred brand or specific, and you are loyal to it, but it's not a bad idea to explore others also. A real cigar hobbyist has 10-12 Go-To smoke cigars in different brands and types.

6. Smoking what everyone else is smoking. Just because a cigar is trending, doesn't mean it will live up to the hype. Go ahead and have your preferred cigar that you're comfortable with, and try not be influenced by what’s famous or trending. Not implying that you shouldn't try new or recommended cigars, but you should explore a variety of cigar brands and sizes that you like best. Especially for the beginner, whose palate isn't ready for an intense and dark smoke that experienced enthusiasts can handle.

7. Inhaling the cigar smoke. Don't assume that cigars are like cigarettes, where you inhale the smoke. Tobaccos are much stronger thus you should never inhale its smoke. Instead, take a puff, set the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds, decipher the flavors for a moment and blow it out. Then repeat.

Feel free to ask questions and make a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! Want to learn more tips, tricks & ideas? Visit us at the Tobacco Pouch at 61st & Yale in the Kingspointe Village; we're eager to lend a helping hand!

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