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Ever Wondered How Cigars Are Made?

Ever wondered how cigars are made? It starts with the raw material which is the Seasoned Whole Leaves of a Tobacco Plant. The quality of tobacco plant varies where it’s grown yet all cigars require three kinds of tobacco leaf to make up the properties of a cigar, and these are broken tobacco leaves (used for filler) & whole tobacco leaves (used for binder).

How are cigars made?

After the “bunch” is formed, they are firmly covered in a coarse tier of tobacco called a “binder.” The "binder" gives cigar its structure, shape, and dexterity to keep its moisture content. Then it is placed into a hardwood mold where it forgoes a molding process to achieve the desired shape. It also prevents protruding veins or creased appearances through the wrapper on the finished cigar.

When the combination is prepared, then a Cigar Artisan hand massages Leafs into a cylinder of tobacco called a “bunch.” Extra care is taken to assure that the leaves are arranged in the bundle uniformly and straight. This guarantees the finished cigar will not have hard or soft spots, which prevent the Cigar from drawing freely, burning evenly, or retaining its shape.

Cured leafs are then sorted and processed by color, strength, texture, resiliency, and size. Most leaves undergo three to four years of provision before they become part of a Cigar. Subsequently, a ‘blend’ is prepared for each cigar roller to create a unique flavor to make a particular brand of Cigars.

When the desired maturation of the tobacco leaf is achieved, it will be harvested and cured to develop its natural aroma. Additional materials may be added such as tasteless gum to stick the end of wrapper together, flavoring agents sprayed on the leaves, and paper used for the branding band on the cigar. Finely textured large tobacco leaf (used for the wrapper).

The next and final step is "Wrapping," the most difficult step. The Skilled Artisans take the partly completed cigar out of the mold, place it on wrapper leaf and begin covering the Binder Bunch using a 'chav-eta' which is a particular rounded knife the workers use to flatten the wrapper leaf into position and trim off excess. A great skill to witness.

Finished Cigars must inspect in several ways and once a cigar is approved to be of highest quality. The worker or machine will place a brand band around the lower half of the cigar and laid in a box for distribution.

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