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How Does Incorrect Storage of Cigars Affect Its Quality?

Cigars are known to absorb the moisture from its surrounding environment. When a cigar is left out in a room with no air conditioning, humidity control, or perhaps exposed to direct sunlight, your cigar will dry out in less than a day. And if it dries out totally, it will lose its essential oils and lose its flavor. Although your cigar can be revived, there will be a slight difference in the taste.

How Does Incorrect Storage of Cigars Affect Its Quality?

Also, dry cigars burn fast. Cigars are created to burn slowly and evenly. A slow burn allows oils and sugars in the cigar to blend thus giving you the pleasant flavor you enjoy from your chosen cigar whereas, a fast hot, uneven burn destroys the flavor and oils.

On the other hand, too much moisture in a cigar is also not a good thing. When a cigar is damp, tobacco leaves will swell and affect the burn rate which will result in a ‘tunneling' burn. Tunneling is where your cigar burns faster on one side, and the burn draw becomes uneven. Because of the uneven burn, flavors don't mix well, and the smoke becomes one-dimensional and dull, instead of multifaceted and rich.

How To Know If Your Cigar is Too Dry or Too Moist? When you roll a cigar between your fingers, you hear cracking sounds and visually see cracking, your cigar is too dry. Though, if it feels spongy with a cold feel, then it is too damp. Your cigar should feel firm, resilient, and smooth. If you see cracks or ripples on your cigar, it indicates your cigar has been exposed to high fluctuating humidity levels during its storage which also affects the cigar’s quality and smokeability.

How to Protect Your Cigar from Moisture? The best way to preserve your cigars quality is to store them in a humidor. These sealed boxes allow you to monitor and adjust the humidity level of your cigar(s). It is a must to invest in a high-quality and well-seasoned humidor for your cigars, assuring that the cigars will still taste good on the first puff, the way the Cigar Crafter intended.

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